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Leah Abrams worked for Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm that once counted itself as one of the world’s “big five.” Although it was a great experience filled with an extensive education in the accounting and tax industry, Leah wanted to interact with her clients more and increase her impact by sharing what she had learned.

“If I’m going to do something in this life, I’m going to do what I love to do. Something that gives back to others.”

This desire lead to Leah Abrams starting the accounting firm L. Abrams and Company, LLC in 2012 in order to improve the accounting and tax opportunities available to businesses and employees by using the knowledge she had gained throughout the years in the accounting industry.

L. Abrams continues to provide unique opportunities for its employees so that they can enhance their skills and abilities through training programs, while also encouraging them to do their best work. The encouragement and training the company provides its employees carries over to their clients every day.

L. Abrams and Company’s boutique and personalized-styled approach educates its clients, so that they have a better understanding of how accounting affects their business and personal lives.

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